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AFSart: BlackManGrove Pneumatophores June 17, 2010

Posted by afsart in artwork.

Afsart: BlackManGrove | Pepakura01_Plaster, originally uploaded by afsart.

This work embodies the sculptural attitude that when you complete a digital fabrication process you are only at the 40% stage of the sculptural development.

When I created the original Pepakura Study I used manilla tag board. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of structural integrity in the material. When I stuffed the piece in my car the paper lost alot of its structure and began to buckle. At one point I thought about cutting the work apart to cannibalize the parts. (I’ve been known to so that) the piece sat in my garage for a couple weeks until the end of the quarter.

In one of those what the heck moments I took it to the studio and decided to see if I could cover the paper in plaster to see how it would hold up. To my surprise it worked very well. As the legs were completed the head began to regain some of its integrity. I decided to cover the head with rigid rap in order to maintain some of the details of the underlying form. Suffice it to say I am very happy with the results.

I am currently covering the plaster with sculpting epoxy bringing to life the black mangrove tree form. The shift in scale imbue the work with more power and sculptural presence. As I was working I realized that I will be able to bring to life an earlier computer model that I created around the idea of BlackManGrove Pneumatophores.

I will be posting the progress of this work and It will be one of the themes that I will be exploring during this summer.



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