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Andrew F. Scott | Serial Studies II March 16, 2009

Posted by afsart in artwork.
Andrew F. Scott | Serial Studies II, originally uploaded by afsart.


I love it when a plan comes together. This sculpture builds on ideas from an earlier post Solving the Mystery of the Half-Lap Joint. The work represents an expansion of the exploration of half – lap joinery techniques, rhino modeling and laser cutting fabbing techniques. The IAAC Pipe project was the inspiration for this project. This work is actually number III in the series, I had to throw away the second work because the joint tolerances were too tight. I had to increase the size of the joints to accommodate the radial structure of the composition. I am happy with the expressive nature of the work that is revealed through this serial form. On to number 4.


1. laurence srinivasan - June 20, 2009

hi andrew, i like what you’re doing. it immediately reminded me of the work they’re doing at the iaac. i’m also exploring half-lap joints and serial form in my work. i am using natural/ organic forms as a starting point. i don’t have anything on the web yet, but hope to soon. i really like the way the regular intervals of the grid and planes describe the irregular sculptural surface. thanks for an interesting website…
laurence srinivasan

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