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Solving the Mystery of the Half Lap Joint February 4, 2009

Posted by afsart in artwork.

Andrew F. Scott: Serial Study I, originally uploaded by afsart.

High-Tech / High-Touch is the yin/yang of the digital age. This quarter I am teaching a Digital Sculpture Course and two traditional courses, Direct Metal Sculpture and Beginning Sculptural Practices I. Beginning Sculptural Practices focuses on wood and metal as sculptural materials. As a part of the course Todd Yarutich, our shop technician gives a demonstration on wood joinery techniques. During the demo he talked about using half lap joints. I began to think about how I could apply them to some of the serial forms that I had been developing using the laser cutter.

I presented the egg-carton problem to my graduate teaching assistant, Johnathon Anderson we talked about it for a couple of hours and tried to figure out a pipeline for the process using Rhino. The next day Johnathon posted a link to my Facebook Wall.
The link was to the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia where they do a wonderful pipe project using half lap joints. By looking at the student examples I was able to figure out the process pipeline. I also communicated with Agata Kycia at the Workshops Factory who confirmed my approach. This provided the inspiration for the work above. This is the first of many explorations in serial form using half-lap joints.


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[…] love it when a plan comes together. This sculpture builds on ideas from an earlier post Solving the Mystery of the Half-Lap Joint. The work represents an expansion of the exploration of half – lap joinery techniques, rhino […]

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