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Fused Deposition Modeling: Andrew F. Scott goes from FDM to Glass: December 5, 2008

Posted by afsart in Fused Deposition Modeling.
From FM to Glasss

From FM to Glasss

Andrew F. Scott goes from FDM to Glass:

Fused Deposition Modeling is an additive  rapid prototying process that builds forms through a serial layering process. In this process objects are built layer by layer through a combination of ABS plastic and Support material. It is used extensively in design and manufacturing to develop prototypes from computer files using the STL format. These 3d printing technologies as they are commonly called have begun to make their way into the artistic studio process. In my work I use FDM modeling to give physical form to three dimensional models  that I create on my computer

I have always had a fascination and interest in glass as a material. My first introduction to the material occurred in graduate school. While I never had any interest in blowing glass, there is nothing more beautiful than watching a skilled glass worker blow and shape a piece of molten glue into a beautiful glass form. My studio neighbor in Columbus Ohio was Lawrence Tuber (LT_Glassman). I spent many afternoons just sitting, watching him work and occasionally serving as his gaffer. True performance art.

I was always attracted to slumping and fusing as a process for working with glass. Kiln forming combines my love for working with molten materials, modeling and mold making. My only problem with glass as a material is the time it takes to create  a piece and the inherent fragility of glass. There is no better feeling than opening the kiln and seeing a clear level piece of glass. The product of the perfect heating and annealing process. There is no worst feeling than cleaning up our piece and while you look and admire it , you hear that “tink” which announces the formation of a crack somewhere in your work. Arrrrrrrrrrgh. At some level it is a masochistic process, but when it’s right it is wonderful to behold.

Black Man Grove RP 09 & 14

In my current work I  have been using my FDM models as investments for bronze casting.  Two pieces from my Black Man Grove series were featured in the IDEAs: Continum exhibit.  After losing a couple of pieces during the burnout process I decided that it might be a good idea to start creating molds of my FDM prototypes. Black Ice is my first attempt at creating a glass sculpture from one of my FDM models.


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