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Laser Engraving: Andrew F. Scott Teaches a Laser to Draw November 25, 2008

Posted by afsart in laser.

laser03The laser is an excellent engraving and drawing tool. During the fall quarter I began to teach the laser how to draw by exploring the wide diversity of line qualities that it could be used to create. One of my favorite artists is Queen Brooks. She is one of My Sheroes from my years in Columbus Ohio. Queen is well known for her wood burnings and sculptural compositions. Whenever I am doing one of my wood engravings with the laser my mind turns to her. While her process is more direct and hands on, the process that I use involves creating 3d computer models and manipulating the lighting, texture mapping and surface normals to create the line qualities of my engravings. I began by working on small panels, I am now exploring how to create larger murals through modular constructions. More laser drawings here.


and still i rise. 3x4 matrix of 18X32" panels 81x45cm


1. afsart - January 21, 2009

your blog is so awesome.I wish i could watch while you do laser cutting.

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