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Laser Cutting: Andrew F. Scott’s Serial Sculptural Forms November 25, 2008

Posted by afsart in laser.


During the Summer of 2008 I taught a Digital Sculpture Course at the Savannah College of Art and Design. One of the processes that we explored during the quarter was laser cutting. While I was initially drawn to the laser as a cutting tool, I soon found that its applications as an engraving and sculptural tool provides a wide range of creative expressions. In one of my first sculptural explorations I used the laser to create two  serial sculptural forms, one using horizontal cross-sections and the other vertical of the same model.

laser02I chose cardboard as a materials after seeing a lamp form that was created by one of my graduate students, (Jonathon Anderson). In his light sculpture he was able to take advantage of the corrogation in cardboard to activate not only the serial nature of his form, but to also transform the quality of the light. In future posts I will provide a more extensive explanation about the processes that are used to create these models.



1. Harry - November 26, 2008

AFS, I continue to be soo impressed by the continued complexity of your work. You have never half stepped on the difficulty level.
Some artists are talented, but lazy and their works reflects it. And some artists show an amazing attention to detail, but in my humble opinion, have damn near no talent.
But you my brother, continue to challenge yourself on so many levels and I thought that I’d let you know that I really respect that.
Love the use of layers to create the 3D image of a computer generation.

2. afsart - November 26, 2008

Thanks, Harry. Remember when we were in Southampton sharing a room in Peconic. I used to talk about making work using tools like these. I think at the time the only computers on campus were in the Bursar’s office.


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