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Charles Csuri: Computer Art Pioneer November 25, 2008

Posted by afsart in artistic influences, laser.

csuri01As I begin my exploration of the laser as a tool for artistic expression I reflect on the work of Charles Csuri and his early work using plotters as a tool for exploring line. One of the greatest blessing of my life was to be able to walk in the shadow of Charles Csuri. As a graduate student at The Ohio State University Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), I witnessed his dedication to his artistic practice, was exposed to the wisdom of his council, admired the way he managed talent and mentored his students. Charles Csuri or “Chuck” as we affectionately refer to him continues to define what it means to be a Computer Artist. He sets the bar. I’ve included one of his transitional works “Sine Curve Man” from 1967 because it was always one of my favorites. Whenever I sit down at a computer to work I think of Chuck and know that he is probably at ACCAD doing the same. If you want to know the history of computer art as practiced through the life of it’s greatest artistic pioneer, go to the Charles A. Csuri Project at The Ohio State University.

Frozen Moment

Frozen Moment

Above is a  more recent work “Frozen Moment”. Chuck is an incredible writer. One of my favorite papers is Chuck’s “Computer Art A Medium in Search of A Movement”. I read it at least once a year. I love the clarity of his writing and how he describes his creative process. For an insight into this modern master, go to his Blog “Charles Csuri Art and Ideas“.


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