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Welcome November 20, 2008

Posted by afsart in artwork.

me02Welcome to my blogsite. This is a place where I hope to engage in a dialogue about my work. I will also share some artistic musings and talk about some of the people, processes and influences that impacts its creation.



1. P-Hawk - November 28, 2008

For someone who has known Andrew all his life, and watch his development grow from drawing comic action fiqures to the current high level of artistic expression, is nothing short of greatness. He is an artistic genius, and hopefully, the artistic community will continue to recognize his accomplishments and his willingness to share his skill level and many talents with the rest of the world. The Gravel project is the perfect example of what I am expressing here. Just think for a moment the creativity that was necessary to bring that project to completion. When you see the Gravel, the ideal of justice and what it stands for is imprinted in your conscience. You understand that the courts mean business – not a place to play with. The bridging between imagination and reality…Don’t Mess Up!

2. bradley - December 24, 2008

Professor Scott, finally. This is going to be a site that I frequent daily and multi-daily. I will be away for a while but this will allow me to keep tabs on one of the most active and inspirational people I know. LOVE THE THOUGHTS MAN LOVE THEM.


3. afsart - December 25, 2008


The yard will miss your presence. I will be teaching two classes in Gulf winter quarter. Blow Cinci up!! Remember you represent me out there. While Cinci has a vibrant art scene you should get up to Columbus and travel to Dayton. I can give you some people to see if you would like. Take time to travel while doing your internship. Spread that Bowers magic!!

p. scott

4. Bernard Rattiner - December 2, 2009

Hey Andrew! This is Bernie Rattiner. You were one of my favorite students, taking many different art classes with me at Beach Channel High School. It has been a long time. Just came accross your site and i wanted to drop you a line. I also recently touched base with Peter, John and Eugene Corless. Hope all is well with you and your family. I am doing fine. I took over Renee Darvin’s position as chairman of the department, left BCHS in 1983 for the Art chairmanship of Franklyn K. Lane HS. I spent the last 10 years of my career as AP Administration of Humanities and The Arts Magnet High School and retired 6 years ago and moved to Delray Beach Florida. I just put together a painting studio in my home, as well as a printmaking studio and will be working on my artwork, uninterupted by WORK. Not bad. My youngest son is an artist as well, working on oil paintings of his own as well as commissions as they come in. He also works with about 4 mural companies in NY as well. My eldest son is a Chiropractor in Atlanta, and my daughter is a Social Worker in NY. Well, so much for this boring update. I would love to talk with you. You can contact me any time at 561-499-8564. E-mail: Papaham@optonline.net. Hope to hear from you.


Bernie Rattiner

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